The website is a online retailer of traditional Indian silk sarees. The website offers a wide selection of silk sarees in a variety of styles, colors and designs. The sarees are made from a variety of silk fabrics, including Pochampally ikat patola silk, Kanchipuram silk, Banarasi silk and more. The sarees are hand-woven in India and feature beautiful traditional designs. The website offers a wide range of sizes to fit any body type. The website also offers a wide range of accessories, including blouses, petticoats and more.

The website is easy to use, with a simple navigation bar that allows customers to browse by style, color, fabric or price. The website also offers a search bar to help customers find the perfect saree. The website has an extensive product description for each saree, including photos of the saree, the fabric, the design and the drape. The website also has a customer reviews section, where customers can leave feedback on their purchase.

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