Pochampally Double Ikat Patola Silk Sarees

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23 products

Collection: Pochampally Double Ikat Patola Silk Sarees

Pochampally Double Ikat Silk Patola Sarees Are Handcrafted Tie & Dye Sarees. Double Ikkat Patola Means WarpThreads And Wept Threads Mix Design Same As Look Print. Traditional Pochampally Double Ikat Patola Sarees Are Manufacturing In Pochampally Village, Buvanagiri Dist Telangana State. This Ikat Patola Sarees Are Tie And Process. Double Ikat Patola Sarees History Of 100 Years. This Double Ikat Patola Designs Are Pan Patola, Narikunj, Ambala, Swastik, Patan Patola, Navaratna Designes Famous In Ikat Patola Sarees. This Using Threads Are Pure Original Silks. This Pochampally Patola Sarees Structure Is Very Soft And Good Quality. Cash On Delivery, Free Shipping In India, World Wide Shipping.